How Can We Grow And Care Star Jasmine?

Every season has different kind of plants with different qualities. Star jasmine is a plant of spring and fall. Planting these in the too hot and too cold season can damage this plant. These are great looking plants with a pleasant smell. This plant can be set up in a doorway, on a window and can also grow over a wall. They can grow tall like 25m with beautiful flowers on it. This is a shrub plant with soft stem and bunches of flowers on it. It needs support to reach high places. If it is not supported it will fall due to its weight. With just little support it will grow faster and more beautiful.

Ornamental plant:

Most people grow this plant as an ornament. They grow it for enhancing the beauty of a building because; this plant can take over any building with its green leaves and beautiful white flowers. This beautiful plant can be planted on the terrace for enhancing beauty. This plant grows flowers on a sunny day or in any shadow. The flowers are always in the form of beautiful bunches. This makes it look different and perfect. These flowers have a sweet scent and pleasant smell, which makes it more attractive. The flowers of star jasmine look like a star due to which it is named after the star.


• This plant can adopt both cold and hot temperature.

• It has a beautiful scent and colour.

• This plant can easy to grow but it needs daily water routine.

• This plant can grow faster with best but slow fertilizer.

• Star jasmine, this plant produces a lot of flowers in bunch form which makes it prominent in all other flowering plants.

• This plant is not greedy of water. It can also live 12-13 days without water.

• They can also grow without any type of fertilizer unless the soil which is used in the growth of star jasmine is perfect and have full nutrients.

• This plant is easily manageable and the client can maintain it without too much effort.

• Its leaves have a beautiful dark green colour and the flowers have white or sometimes pink colour. This combination of colours looks very beautiful.

• The flowers of this plant have a very loud and sweet-scented smell which attracts people to its beauty and looks.

• The stem of this plant produces very valuable oil which we can get by some extractions.

• The stem also used to produce some kind of fibre.

• Flowers are very popular due to the looks and smell; people use this flower to make some type of scent in different countries.

Star jasmine is available in every store but here we sell it in very reasonable and low rates. These plants can also be delivered to the clients as per their order. These beautiful, sweet-scented and mesmerising flowers are available in every size to make your environment beautiful.