Psychologists And Psychiatrists

One can even suffer from both the attacks at the same time. But these attacks are completely different things and so are the treatments. While anxiety attack is treated by normal antidepressants to relieve the thought patterns, panic attack treatment will be a little different. A low dose sedative is given to the patient of panic attack. The patient is given low dose of anti-depressants to recover. Cognitive behavioral therapy is preferred by doctors to treat both types of patients. The techniques are often different in these two cases. Consulting a psychologist is very important in both the cases.Psychologists and psychiatrists both are professionals who are interested in mental situation of human beings. But there is a difference between them. People often fail to understand this difference. They often ask what the difference between these two professionals is. In this article, we are going to talk about the difference between them. Though the field is quite same, it is not completely similar.


These professionals are employed by the education department. They are basically scientists who are interested in human emotion, behaviors and perception. This field is much wider than just mental illnesses. Psychologists do not offer services, like shock treatment or drug therapy. In order to meet a psychologist, one needs to go to a depression psychologist in Sydney.

Clinical psychology:

Clinical psychology overlaps the role of psychiatry to some extent. It deals with mental illness to some extent. In psychiatric hospitals psychologists and psychiatrists form a team. Here too psychologists do not apply any drug and use methods, like effective stress management in Sydney. They study the behavior of people to help them recover through psychotherapy and counseling.


Psychiatrists are doctors. They are specialised in mental illness and psychological medicine. Inappropriate thought patterns, behaviors and emotions are harmful for us as these make us unable to take care of ourselves. These things also pose threat danger to others as inappropriate behaviors can make the patient attack or behave wildly. The reason behind it can be biological or even genetic. Patients need the intervention of medical professionals. Drugs are usually prescribed to them. Psychotherapy and counseling can also be part of the treatment. A psychiatrist can treat such patients though one may need to see a psychologist.