Types Of Park Benches

park bench table

Whether you are an in charge of the park décor or you have a small park as your property then you should not ignore the benches. The park benches are an integral element for the parks. They not just add beauty but also add comfort to the outdoors. The benches can be added to your garden and can be a part of the commercial parks too.  You can add park bench table along with the benches to guarantee more comfort and convenience. There are four different types of benches that can be used for any outdoor space.

 Metallic benches

Metallic park benches are one of the oldest options that are used for all kinds of outdoors. These metallic park benches are made out of steel, aluminium or wrought iron. To ensure complete safety and security a powder like coating is applied on the surface that makes them corrosion and rust resistant. The metal benches can come in both simple and trendy designs. The metal parts are melded into impressive designs that can look eye catchy and impressive.

Customized Benches

Many popular parks are running on donations.  The purpose of these parks is to earn handsome revenues. To highlight the sponsoring agencies a bench with the logo of the company is placed in the park. These are called the sponsored benches and they advertise the companies that are lending a helping hand to run the park with their donations. Many commercial parks that have a sports field next to their location use seats with logos of the sports teams. The other ideas to get the logo of the school, college or university that stands next to the commercial set up. Thermoplastic coating is further added to make the benches more secure.

Benches made of wood

Wooden benches add a close to nature feeling to your set up.  These park benches are the most traditional type of the benches. Teak is used to create these benches because it is durable. These wooden structures can be painted in the colour of your choice for a better feel but the natural appearance is enough to add the natural grandeur. Usually these benches are made with teak wood because it has a natural appeal and it is easy to handle. Teak wood lasts longer than the other kinds of wood and is easy to handle.

Recycled Benches

Recycled plastic benches have become popular after people have started becoming more conscious about the environment.  These benches last longer than the usual commercial chairs. If you want to make the park an ecofriendly choice then these benches can make a real treat. These benches when placed along with the park bench table support the Go green notion. They need least maintenance and are safe because of being nontoxic. For more information visit our website: www.bottongardiner.com.au