Why Do We Have A Tree Felling Assessment?

tree felling risk assessment

This world is complete with greenery and without greenery, it is a dump. We should care about all the greenery which is around us and taking care of them and even planting more greenery should be one of our main priority. One thing we should have in mind that we cannot survive without natural greenery our life is incomplete it is the natural process of nature that all kinds of greenery filter the polluted air from harmful gases and it provides natural and clean air for us. In the present age, the greenery is getting less and huge buildings are getting places on one another. Only parks are left with trees which are also at high risk due to the environmental changes. Government has specially hired people who work for the tree felling risk assessment and keep a track on the trees which need to be cut done or can cause risk to normal people lives.

For the prevention of accidents

There are many trees which are grown on heights and they become weaker as the time passes and can cause any kind of accidents which can cause loss of lives and damage certain places. Government has an expert who keeps a record of old and weakened trees and some trees also are on the process to fall due to windstorms or heavy snowfall. To prevent the citizens from any kind of damage the government makes a record on tree felling risk assessment and demolishes and cuts off the unwanted trees which might cause serious damage to local people. Many lives can be saved by this calculations because sometimes weakened trees might fall on the road which might trip a car and may cause other cars to bump in on another that would be a big damage to lives and cars both so they should cut the old or weakened trees on spot to avoid any kind of accidents.

To get rid of weak and hollow premature trees

There are many trees around us which are not well grown because they do not get many nutrients from the soil that makes them taller and stronger in result they do grow but have weak roots and hollow structure which is not stronger enough. These types of tress are unwanted and would fall anytime so it is must keep a track on a record on all of the trees to see which ones are okay and how many need the tree felling risk assessment. This process would not only protect the people but also know which trees are unwanted for us due to poor and weak growth. An expert keeps the calculations and record with pictures saved in the latest records and at the end informs the government how many trees on different locations need to be cut down.