Why Organizations Still Prefer Noticeboards For Announcements?

Advancement in technology directly or indirectly impacts the life of almost every individual who is living on this earth. In this modern, organizations are still depended on the notice boards for the announcements. Although, noticeable is always be a great mode of circulating a message to target the huge audience. Every industry has the strong affiliation with the notice boards because notice boards saves the huge cost of individually communicating the messages. Organizations paste their important messages, announcement and schedules on the notice boards to keep their workers or employees updated from the decisions of their higher management.

Notice board is widely used method of spreading the message. Notice boards basically had used to target the large audiences. It’s a great method of spreading the information to the lower level employees of the organization. All messages cannot be circulated through the email because labor class have no emails. Notice board board is a cheapest way of circulating the information that promote the discipline in the organization. It’s an authentic communication medium for the workers or employees as well because once they see the message on the notice board they don’t need to visit the office of management.

Reasons for introducing the safety noticeboards:

The core reason of introducing the safety or lockable notice boards is to make sure the safety of the messages that have been pasted on the notice boards. Safety notice board does not allow anyone to tamper the information or notices. Wide range of lockable notice boards are available in the market with different attractive designs and colors. Organization also paste the circulators on the notice boards through which they want to convey the messages toy the employees. Safety notice boards are also used to announce the general holidays and timings of the office. All universities and colleges have been using good safety notice boards to display the date sheet for exams, classes schedule and other mandatory information for students. Many cases have been reported that employees or students have tampered or removed the messages from the notice boards therefore organization introduced the safety notice boards to prevent the notices from the tampering.  Notice board is great mode of spreading awareness to the workers if the organization is facing any major issue or problem. Every organization force workers or employees to see the notice board on daily basis to keep their selves updated from the routine activities. Notice board plays a vital role in spreading the messages to the employees.